CI Direct Investing Mobile App. Invest on the Go

May 22, 2018


CI Direct Investing Mobile App. Invest on the Go


Staying on top of your money doesn’t need to be difficult. Take control of your financial future with the new and improved CI Direct Investing app (on iPhone and Android). It’s the fastest robo-adviser mobile app available to Canadians today.

The app gives in-your-pocket access to manage your investments quickly. Enjoy a super slick interface to help make sense of it all, available for iOS and Android.

Here’s how you can use it.

  • Monitor investments and to see how they’re performing
  • Chat with a financial adviser
  • Visualize holdings and transactions by account

We wanted to make investing easier. So we went to the best in the west

To invest in our own innovation, we elected to work with Steamclock, known for high-quality app development in Vancouver. They were a natural fit to work together on the next generation of the WealthBar app. It’s a made-in-Canada tech success story.

“We wanted to build not just a good experience, but the best experience,” says Steamclock CEO and Co-Founder Allen Pike, who earlier in his career was a software engineer at Apple. Steamclock has built apps for other big players such as Fortune, Hewlett-Packard and Vancouver-based tech unicorn Hootsuite. These apps have been featured in The New York Times, CNN Money, the BBC and Apple itself.

To be sure, our own technology team can go toe-to-toe with some of the biggest brains in Silicon Valley. We are, after all, pioneers in the robo-adviser space. But for the next iteration of the CI Direct Investing app, we wanted a team that deeply knows mobile apps. This collaboration delivered exactly that.

Making investing easier for all Canadians, one byte at a time

“The funny thing is that it’s really hard to make things easy,” Pike says. “But that has to be the goal. For investors to make the best use of this app, it’s got to be simple. So, for example, we now have seamless integration with password managers on iOS, which Apple recently added support for. Now you can use a really secure, unique password in an app like 1Password, then stay logged in with your fingerprint or Face ID. It’s both higher security and easier, which is a huge win.”

The app had to be built not just with any investor in mind, but in keeping with CI Direct Investing’s focus on long-term investing. “CI Direct Investing’s investors know that wealth is best built over the long term,” Pike explains. “These days, a lot of investment apps focus on how numbers have changed just in the last few days or hours, which is a distraction at best. We know that diversifying and holding investments over time is the best way to build wealth. So the app had to help people make good long-term decisions with that in mind.”

Of course, this is just the start of giving investors the best mobile robo-adviser experience available. The next big upcoming feature will bring the convenient transfer and account contribution features from the CI Direct Investing website right into the app.

One final challenge for Steamclock: creating an app that feels great on every device, without ‘dumbing down’ the app to a generic experience across all phones. “Having a ‘write once, run everywhere’ story would have been easier, but we knew we had to provide an exceptional experience on each platform. People notice which apps feel ‘weird’ and which ones feel just right.”

How to download the CI Direct Investing mobile app for iOS or Android

Put the power of robo-investing in the palm of your hand.

A few minutes today could save you thousands tomorrow.
Start investing in under 5 minutes. No hold music. No paperwork.