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Tax hacks. Reinvest your tax refund. Retire up to 4 years sooner

March 27, 2018


Tax hacks. Reinvest your tax refund. Retire up to 4 years sooner

Life & Money

A tax refund is not free money. It’s your money. And if you reinvest it, you can grow your money.

If you checked out our helpful tips about how to get the most out of tax season, then maybe you’re expecting a tax refund this year from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). And you’re thinking about all the things you could do with that refund. Investing it for the long term is one nice idea. Actually, we ran the numbers – so you can see exactly how nice it can be.

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Let’s say you reinvested a tax refund of $1,620 (close to the average tax refund for Canadians in 2016) every year for 30 years at a rate of return of 5.5%. If you did that, on top of the average Canadian RRSP contribution of $5,400 — you’d be looking at nearly $600,000. That’s quite the nest egg!

Tax hacks. Reinvest your tax refund. Invest in your future

Putting it into context

The average Canadian contributes $5,400 to their RRSP each year and gets a $1,620 tax refund*. Reinvest your refund every year (instead of spending it) and…

In X yearsYou’ll have an extra
(less taxes)
To potentially do one of these things…
10 Years$29,464Purchase a new car
Downpayment for a condo
Bucket-list vacation
20 Years$82,116Downpayment for recreation property
Major home renovations
Retire nearly 2 years sooner
30 Years$173,261Retire nearly 4 years sooner
Be mortgage-free

Note: How did we get these numbers?

Numbers are calculated based on a 30% Marginal Tax Rate, January $5,400 contribution followed by reinvested refund in May with a rate of return of 5.5% (which includes inflation and fees).

*Source: Statistics Canada

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  1. Leslee mclaren

    I would like to know where we make 5.5% on our money. That includes rrsp.

    • Seami

      The markets. Easily average over 5% over the long term.

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