PPI Valet Powered by CI Direct Investing Launches Nationwide

January 26, 2018


PPI Valet Powered by CI Direct Investing Launches Nationwide


A little while back, we announced a big deal. We teamed up with PPI, a national insurance marketing firm. Together we developed an innovative custom investment platform designed to help advisors grow their business and enhance their relationships with clients. Today we’re letting the world know that PPI Valet, powered by CI Direct Investing (formerly WealthBar), has officially launched across Canada.

“This new and easy-to-use online platform will help independent advisors to do less paperwork and spend more time serving clients and growing their business,” says CEO and Co-Founder Tea Nicola. 

“Every advisor across the country can leverage the expertise of registered portfolio managers and the assurance of regulatory compliance, without needing to have that expertise in-house. For clients, this means they can tap into lower-cost wealth management while staying with their advisor.”

There’s already a lot of enthusiasm from both PPI’s advisors and their clients as they look at what they can have.“Low-cost, professionally managed portfolios,” PPI Solutions’ President and CEO Jim Virtue explains.“Assured regulatory compliance. CI Direct Investing handles the monitoring and rebalancing of accounts. It’s just a win-win for us to work together.”

Thanks again to PPI for working with us to make this happen. We’re excited about this opportunity to make the investing process easier, both for advisors and their clients.

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