Finance 101

Performance and volatility

April 5, 2019


Performance and volatility

Finance 101

How to understand market volatility

A lot of novice investors shy away from risk. They get scared by big swings in market volatility — which is understandable, but also strange when you think about it. After all, those big movements are the source of a lot of investment returns! Where there is risk, there is often a big reward.

Now, there are good reasons for an investor to minimize risk: for instance, a young home buyer who doesn’t want to take the chance that their assets will diminish just as they are cashing out their downpayment. Or, imagine someone just a year or two from retirement who is wary of a significant market correction. For these types of investors, taking a risk-averse approach isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

But for many other investors, big market movements offer opportunities to invest when assets are undervalued — and then reap a potential big return when those assets go up. It’s the old “buy low, sell high” phenomenon.

Thanks to Visual Capitalist, here’s a quick rundown on what volatility means, how it has affected markets historically, and how savvy investors use the ups and downs of the market to their advantage.

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