Green Investing Goes Online with our New Cleantech Option

October 24, 2017


Green Investing Goes Online with our New Cleantech Option


Now investors don’t have to choose between doing what’s right for the environment and what’s right for their portfolio. Our new Cleantech add-on lets investors focus 5% of their money into PowerShares PZD, an environmentally progressive fund with a track record for performance.

Adding Cleantech allows investors to gradually move away from fossil fuels and towards more efficient ways of reducing our overall carbon footprint. Green investing also capitalizes on growth opportunities as renewable energies become increasingly accessible.

Clean without compromise

Green investing can get a great return for investors.

Green or not, an investment needs to makes sense in terms of earning a competitive return.

In the last three years as of the date of publication, the Cleantech Portfolio has earned 60 percent (17 percent annualized), compared to the resource heavy TSX Composite 14 percent (5 percent annualized). Find our more about the Cleantech portfolio performance here.

So it looks like values-focused investors can have their cake and eat it, too.

A more effective ethical investment

Our Cleantech add-on lets clients invest in green technologies like renewable energy and water purification. This kind of green investing also looks at broader opportunities that other so-called ‘green funds’ don’t touch.

For instance, this fund is looking at transportation and logistics, where simply increasing efficiency can lower carbon footprint. Other funds don’t always take such a holistic perspective. Because of inflexible rules, those funds can end up avoiding perfectly good green opportunities. By contrast, we prefer a broader, more inclusive approach.

Add Cleantech to any portfolio.

Open an account with CI Direct Investing today and add Cleantech by selecting this option in the account opening process.

If you’re an existing client, contact your financial adviser and ask to add Cleantech to your portfolio.

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