Get a Better Understanding of Account Performance with Newly Enhanced Charts

July 8, 2019


Get a Better Understanding of Account Performance with Newly Enhanced Charts


At CI Direct Investing, we’re committed to making your investments easy to understand. That’s why, when we recently enhanced our performance chart to show contributions as well as market value, we took a slightly unconventional approach.

Specifically, the contribution line on our charts always begins at the opening market value of the period shown. This more clearly illustrates investment performance in the period shown.

How is this different?

It’s typical for the contribution line to simply start from the total contributions made up to that point. This seems logical but it makes it harder to visualize the relationship between recent market performance and recent contributions.

By resetting the contribution line to the opening market value, we can now see the true difference between contributions and market performance for any period shown.

A new take for greater accuracy

Our enhanced chart is designed to give investors a more accurate understanding of their account’s performance within specific time periods. By showing total value, as well as contributions from opening market value, investors can better visualize the gains and losses for that period.

Enhanced charts are now available to CI Direct Investing investors through the mobile app (iPhone, Android) and on your CI Direct Investing statements.

We hope this enhancement makes it even easier for you to understand the performance of your investments. Stay tuned for more exciting features coming soon!

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